Vinyl flooring

Resilient flooring, luxury vinyl, (LVP) luxury vinyl plank, (LVT) luxury vinyl tile, and Luxury vinyl sheet

This is not the same vinyl from the twentieth century. Vinyl still offers exceptional durability; now with advances in technology it also offers an enhanced the look. Today's luxury vinyl floors are both beautiful and durable.

Vinyl floors offer the following attributes:

  • Durable - scratch resistant, moisture and water resistant, stain resistant
  • Soft underfoot- when compared to hard surfaces like tile, wood or laminate
  • Easy maintenance- dry and damp mopping for daily cleaning; and easy repair or replacement
  • Versatile - can be installed in almost any area of the home
  • Many looks to meet your design needs: i.e. tile (travertine, slate, or marble), or plank (wood)


Cleaning and maintenance:

Sweep or vacuum (beater brushes should not be used) a couple times a week; more if conditions warrant.

Use walk-off mats at entrances to assist in trapping dirt and girt. Dirt and grit act as abrasives and can dull the finish over time.

Avoid rubber-backed mats as they can discolor floors.

Use pads under furniture that is moved often like chairs

Damp mopping with warm water is usually enough for cleaning. If more is needed you can utilize 1 tablespoon of liquid dish detergent in a quart of warm water (rinse toughly) never use abrasive cleaning tools, cleaners or compounds. (Always check with product manufacture)

Repairing vinyl tile or vinyl plank floors can be as simple as removing one tile or plank and replacing it… versus replacing your entire floor.

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